The moon returns to darkness once again. Perhaps you can see the slightest sliver of light remaining. Sigh. We’re tired. Something inside is calling for rest, retreat, and rejuvenation. The balsamic phase is the time when we need to honor that feeling, and honor ourselves for all the work and effort we have expended during the previous cycles. This phase of the moon beckons us to turn our attention inward, to the deepest parts of ourselves. It is the time to connect with spirit and the divine energy that lies within. And, if we are not in touch with those aspects of ourselves then perhaps this is the time to search for it.

Many of the eastern philosophies speak of the light that resides within. God is to be found on the inside, deep within oneself. Our disconnection to that source of light within may indeed be part of the problem that permeates our societies today. Many times when I tell my clients and students to use this balsamic time for meditation, contemplation, soul-searching or prayer they look at me like I’m crazy. “I don’t have time for that” is a common response. There’s “too much to do, too much work, too many responsibilities”.

“But, I wish I could”, is their communal sad song. Well, this is the time to take the time for inward-oriented activities. And, the amazing, magical result of pursuing this inward journey at this particular time is the reduction of stress and the feeling & experience of having more time throughout the rest of the cycle.

The Balsamic Phase of the Moon is when our system is crying for psychic detoxification. It’s the perfect time to pause and reflect on all events and activities of the recent past. A ‘letting go’ time, when we acknowledge ourselves for doing the best we could. Or, if we weren’t able to do our best, we acknowledge ourselves for trying and then let it go. And, what does it mean to let go of something? One hears this expression a lot these days. On one level I think it means to not worry or be concerned with outcome. Replace the energy spent on mental/emotional anguish and instead practice cultivating the energy of faith, trust and stillness.

During the balsamic period the veil between the conscious and the unconscious is thin. Therefore, it is also a good time to pay more attention to our dreams. Dreams come from the Vijananamaya Kosha, one of our subtle bodies according to Yogic Philosophy. Our higher mind usually has some very important information and dreams are a way of communicating with ourselves. Sometimes they may even take on a prophetic tone. Our need to daydream, fantasize or simply escape our everyday realities is a natural tendency that requires attention just like any other health routine me might employ. We all need time to be alone and connect with ourselves. Long walks or drives, frequent naps, listening to music, connecting with nature, journaling, painting, dancing, practicing yoga, tai chi, chi gong, reading, or just sitting staring out a window are all befitting activities for these days.

In psychological terms this lunar phase is when we are more connected to the collective unconscious. This is a term used most frequently within the Jungian tradition of psychology. Freudians might refer to it as the unconscious or supra-conscious mind. People have created different words for the same concepts for eons. The point is that there is a part of our mind that works from a different operating system than the rest of our mind. And this ‘hidden file’ is very busy connecting to the ethereal WWW all the time.

So, perhaps the most important thing to really understand is that if you do not honor this time, if you continue your daily life and your routine without including “downtime’, then you will not feel energized and refreshed when the next cycle begins. At first the effects of this may not be apparent. However, over time, if you continue to ignore your inner world and focus only on the external the stresses will accumulate and can create obstacles, dis-ease, and crisis in your life.

Without adequate time for pause and reflection, the body/mind/spirit will rebel and hopefully send you some clear signals that things are out of balance. When that happens our lives begin to spin seemingly out of control. We find ourselves in dysfunction, dis-ease, and disarray. And as a result something may happen by which we are then forced (by some external factor?) to give up our routine. Either we land in a hospital, or we are down-sized, laid-off or fired. Either way, we are now forced to use our time to reflect because now we have no other choice. Fate or Free Will……..make your choice.

It’s so much easier to voluntarily step back from our routines then to have them forcibly removed from us. This is the gift of the Balsamic Phase of the Moon. Two days out of every 28 day cycle can go really far in preventing & healing accumulated stress.

I have written a lot of posts on this phase.  Use the search feature on the right and type in “balsamic”.

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  1. Thank you Yogini!

    There is a time for everything and in this case a time for devoted self-love (surrender to self, reunion with self, etc.) even within all our relations with one another. Therefore it is good to know what time it is!

    As I write this we are entering a Balsamic lunar phase. I think it is an especially good time for returning to our self given that this coming new moon has about ten days of waxing before Mercury stations retrograde. In other words there is a limited window of opportunity for making important life decisions as of this next new moon and then it won’t be till July 26th when that “new moon” is finally free of Mercury’s shadow! Also Mars will be out of its shadow as of several days before the July new moon. And Saturn will have at least Stationed Direct the day before Mars is totally free!

  2. Thank you for this article; I’ve just started a year long yoga practice, “Flowing with the Phases of the Moon”, and we’ve begun with the Balsamic phase…this was a very succinct explanation.

  3. This information is so awesome!

    I’ve read about Balsamic moon phase before, but this is much more concise, and spiritually fulfills my search.

  4. I loved this…I have (“am”) a Balsamic Moon….I keep forgetting how this thread runs all through my Trapestry, and may even be the Loom of this life…I like the way you really live within and with all this, as you do with Pluto! Thanks for your musings…

  5. Thanks for this information about the Balsamic Moon. I have been getting those signals that all is not well and that it is time to Stop, Drop and Meditate! I’ve been ignoring the little signs of dis-ease and feel grateful for the reminder that the answers lie within.

  6. I’m glad I found this page. I’ve been very interested in finding out if I have a balsamic phase in my natal chart. Astrology is something I’ve followed since I was very young (I am 19 now) because mom would read my horoscope everyday. I always got lots of grief from other kids at school, haha. I don’t read so into daily newspaper horoscopes anymore, but astrology and energy still play a large role in my lifestyle. Mom does yoga and I will go with her occasionally…I’ve been more involved in kung fu and tai chi now for several years and am always striving to extinguish my anxiety and better my health.

    • To Useful Pockets,
      It’s easy enough to find which planets are in a balsamic phase relationship. Consult your astrologer. I am available for astrological consultations, too.
      If, in fact, no planets are in balsamic relationship in your chart, then look to your 12th for supplemental information.
      Beware of “always striving”………that can get anyone into metaphysical/spiritual trouble.
      Om shanti.

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