Yin, Yang Yod!

I've got two yods in my natal chart. It was a daunting task to really understand the complexity of this planetary picture. I understood the words, ideas, and possibilities on an intellectual level, but it took decades to understand it experientially and how it showed up in behaviors, attitudes, perspectives, and my ultimate understanding of … Continue reading Yin, Yang Yod!


  During the winter months I took a writing class with Ann Randolph and the prompt was Think about a time that you were wild and green in the ways of the world…the whole world was before you, green a newness, a novice, sense of adventure, anything was possible…a curiousity, maybe stumbling and fumbling during…

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Yeah, BUT, one has to have practice witnessing the mind to arrive at all this 'data'..... right? Air signs dominate right now. USE the mind consciously. Don't be a victim to your thoughts. Good or Bad. When the mind gets 'agitated' shift your focus to breath. Have a nice day.