Those who have inspired me…….

I would like to initiate this page by taking the time to honor, Robert Meyers, or better known as Buz Meyers, the astrologer. We met in 1985ish. Of all the teachers I have studied astrology with, Buz is one of a select few who enabled me to grow in profound and transformative ways. He taught me how to ‘use’ astrology to make my life easier. He taught me how to feel astrology inside my skin. He taught me how to integrate the separate, and individual pieces of who I am into a harmonic whole. He provided a viewpoint of astrology that keeps me connected, plugged-in, and supported during bad times & good. He taught me the Lunar Cycle. I am forever grateful.

Buz MeyersNovember 9, 1941, – March 12, 2000

The next teacher I would like to acknowledge is  Paramahansa Yogananda.  I was introduced to him thru his Autobiography of a Yogi.  I’ve read this book three times and each reading is more spell-binding. I honor Yogananda for introducing me to what is possible when we practice. His story touched me deeply and sparked a desire for my own life-quest. I thank him for pointing me towards the East to find the spiritual connection that continues to fuel me. He is an amazing teacher, even today.

Swami Kripalu is high on my list for inspirational teachers.  Once I came in contact with the teachers and practitioners of his lineage I knew that I had found home. (om)  Here’s a great picture of him.  I’ll write more later.


One thought on “Those who have inspired me…….

  1. How about being plugged in by leaving aside bad times and good times? Could that be possible? In a state like they are there yet they are not there. How does the astrology collocate itself at this point? I am very interested in astrology and very often surrounded myself spontaneously with people who were understanding it a lot. keep enjoying it! peace, r.

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