Just back from California. Well actually, I didn’t JUST get back, it was 2 days ago? maybe three? Adjusting to bi-coastal living takes time. A couple hours gained here, a couple hours lost there…..yipes, it’s enough to make you give up on clocks and calendars all together!

Anyway, this is simply a check in post to let everyone know that I’m okay and feeling fine.
My personal spiritual practice these days is to accept those things I cannot change, and to change the things I can.

I am re-reading Skeleton Woman, a myth from Clarissa P. Estes wonderful book, Women who run with the Wolves. It feels timely. We’ll be exploring these ideas in this month’s Experiential Yoga Workshop. If you’d like more information please send me a comment.

My winter-series yoga classes begin tonite. I look forward to the silence.
Om shanti.


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