Were you born between 1971 – 1973?

Practice Patience.

(I’m using a very wide orb here)…..

if so, then Saturn is coming up to conjunct your natal Pluto.




and sometimes Immovable.

Patience is key.

A good time to establish a yoga practice to re-generate your stress and turn it into skillful action and right thinking.

Easily said.

Difficult to practice.

Find a spiritual  teacher.




2 thoughts on “Were you born between 1971 – 1973?

  1. I was born in 1973, under a waning crescent moon. I found your blog through a google search and have been enjoying it immensely! thanks! I’m trying to discover more about how the moon’s placement in my time of birth continues to affect my female cycle (which seems consistent with the waning cycle of the moon and how that affects my personality and being).

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