…something most don’t know about me….

3_9_1993 Trophy I was cleaning out an old file drawer the other day and came across the award certificates I received during winter/spring 1993.  For, me these pieces of paper symbolize a few of my most heart-felt achievements.  I won three Toastmaster’s Speech Contests in a row, qualifying me to compete in a state event. It was quite an experience and the memory of it continues to provide me with confidence and courage in speaking my truth. 

Speaking our truth is an activity which requires a healthy fifth chakra.  Speaking our truth also falls under the practice of Satya, one of the yamas of yoga.  Speaking our truth is an important function even though it is often restrained, repressed, and resistant.  The obstacles can be from outside of ourselves…ie: government, authorities, etc., or the obstacles can be more internally based.  It really doesn’t matter, the task remains the same……..speak truth.


My speech was seriously out of the box for such a conservative, traditional bunch of people like those who attended the regular meetings.  I chose to deliver “A Call to Awaken”, an astrologer’s plea.

In 1993 the world was reeling from the multiple conjunctions of Saturn, Uranus, & Neptune.  The paradigm was changing and as far as I could see, the world needed to know about this and get ready.   Hmmm, I wonder if any one but me remembers that speech?

Today, we are at a major turning point that began then.  Saturn is moving into the 180 degree zone with first Neptune and in the next few years, Uranus.  What was birthed in ’93 is coming to fruition now.

I don’t know about you, but my life is changing in ways I couldn’t have imagined back then, and yet, I did.  I spent a lot of time in ’93 envisioning, vision questing, and pondering the ‘perfect’ future and what that would ‘feel’ like.  I think it worked?!?!?!?!?


2 thoughts on “…something most don’t know about me….

  1. Fascinating! Yet another facet of yogini. You had me think back to what I was doing and thinking at that time, too. I wouldn’t have imagined how interesting my life would be. A time of great change, and great…joy, yes, that’s it! 🙂

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