feng shui – tip of the day

……….if your intention is a ‘lunar’ issue, something around food, nourishment, nurturing, and nature, this might work for you.

Go to your kitchen.

Collect every molecule of sugar you can find in the Whole House.

Use every piece of information you presently hold in your head to complete this action.

Stand there.


chant ommmmmmmm







Good times for practice:

Full moon, new moon, quarter moons, phase-change, how about now?

ps. bubbles are customarily a sign of good fortune.  notice if/when they appear.  practice, “self-observation without judgement”.


One thought on “feng shui – tip of the day

  1. sweet 🙂 a chinese woman used to tell me ‘spilled sugar brings joy to the house’ – I think of this as I clean up the grains of brown sugar left after my daughters have made tea or sprinkled their cereal.. there’s certainly a lot of joy around here!

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