Onward & upward………………….

Typing away.

The online software I use to write this blog has completely changed! Oh my! That’s one way to notice how one reacts to the unexpected. I loved it!

And, if I am reading it right, this blog, The Teacher’s Journal, ranked number 64 in “Growing Blogs”. Oh my! What do you suppose that means? Checking on my stats I can see that there has definitely been a slow, steady, turtle-like growth that has been moving in an upward direction.

Hmmm. Methinks me needs to ponder.

Gotta practice for the harp gig tonite.

Carpe Diem.


One thought on “Onward & upward………………….

  1. Whew, the new WordPress Dashboard is something, isn’t it! Changes, changes. Good for you that you’re getting more read!!! You deserve to be. Peace, and happy harping.

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