Take Two………….

Still looking for a way to save posts/pages automatically to my hard drive with minimal effort.
Any ideas?

5 thoughts on “Take Two………….

  1. time thief………..i have been using scribefire & live writer and have found to be quite acceptable. Blog desk does not create pages. Thanks for the help!

  2. @musededitions
    I’m sorry to say that your approach is not the best choice. The back-up files from WLW or BlogDesk or Ecto already have the images in them and there is no need to futz around with the “paste from Word”. That’s a clean-up function and the only purpose it serves is to strip out the extra garbage that Word puts into the text from Word. By using the offline blog editors there is no garbage code that needs stripping. If you lose a post and need to use your back-up it’s a matter of locating it and then clicking “publish to blog”. Can you tell that I’m trying to get you to use an offline blog editor, too? 😉

  3. If you are using windows then either BlogDesk or WindowsLiveWriter will do the job for you. Both are free downloads and they are easy to use. You can input the text and the images for your posts into either one and post directly to your blog from them. That means you will always have a copy of every post on your own computer.

    P.S. If you are using a Mac then Ecto is a good choice.

  4. Oh I do empathize, yogini. A longtime forum helper and WordPress blogger, Timethief, put together this post about offline blog editors. Perhaps something in there will help. I almost always use plain text without any bells and whistles, so I write in WORD, save it there and then paste it into the post using the “Paste from WORD” tool. It’s worked fine for me. I upload any pictures I want to use after pasting. Good luck with this 8)

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