Void. Of Course!

Today the moon goes void-of-course at 9:54am. This ‘black-hole-of -time’ remains in place until 1:22am tomorrow.

A good definition of void-of-course can be found here.

irs2.jpg So, here’s a tip that you won’t find anywhere else. Mail/Email your tax return during a void-of-course moon and you’ll reduce the liklihood of any repercussions, ie. audits! Please note I said “mail”, I did not say prepare. You still need to do the important part of preparing the forms when you are clear & focused. But as for the mailing date….or clicking send if you’re filing online….that’s a different story.


One thought on “Void. Of Course!

  1. Wow, I actually mailed in a return for an arts org. I work for on the 27th! It needed to be postmarked on or before the 28th (actually probably 29th this year), but I had it ready and it somehow felt “right” to mail it on the 27th. And all before I saw your post! Yay!

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