Feng Shui –tip of the day

Sept. 11, 2007 is a New Moon Solar Eclipse in the Chinese Year of The Fire Boar.

There’s some pretty auspicious chi flowing and that’s always a good time to practice the ‘way’ of feng shui.

Lao Tzu

TO DO: Ask yourself: What area in my life needs attention? Go to that room/gua/corner. Clean out. Wipe down . Create clear space in your favorite gua or direction….. set an intention, and then move nine things holding your intention in your mind. Light a candle sometime around 8:44am EST. (the exact time of the eclipse in EST)

Breathe. Relax. Feel. Watch. Allow.

Everything is exactly perfect. It’s our “wanting things to be different” that creates the suffering. So explained, the Buddah.


One thought on “Feng Shui –tip of the day

  1. I didn’t read this in time to do it on “the day”. But it’s an excellent practice. I sat still and let my consciousness drift to the place that felt like it had a “glitch”–and did clean and purify and hold a higher intention for it. Thank you.

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