Feng Shui – Tip of the Day


It’s time to become more consciously aware of the quantity of electro-magnetic energy that you live with inside your home. Unfortunately our insatiable desire for convenience has overtaken our common sense. Take a look at how many electrical appliances are in your bedroom for starters. Lights, radios, tv’s, computers…….what else is in there? Did you know that all of these items emit electromagnetic energy even if they are turned off? Did you know that electro-magnetic energy weakens your immune system? Do you realize that when you are sleeping (or tossing around from insomnia) your body is more vulnerable to electro-magnetic energy? Do you think there might be a connection between your insomnia and your health to the amount of electro-magnetic energy in your bedroom? I certainly do.

Wanna sleep better? Wanna strengthen your immune system?

Create a bedroom space that’s free of electrical appliances……….especially TV’s!




………………..and don’t even get me started on cells, wireless, & microwaves……………………………


Go here for more info


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