The yin & yang of time management……………….

The lunar cycle

If you have landed on this page looking for information on time & time management you have found it. However, be prepared. You may not find what you expect.

My fascination with time might have started here. It was only a few years after that I came across my first astrology book. That story is here, if you’re interested. It just always made really good sense to me that the sky represented a big clock.

For over 20 years I practiced my skills as an astrologer while working in the real estate industry. I worked as a Broker/Agent, Office Manager, & most belovedly as a Trainer. Time Management was one of my topics to teach to new agents/managers. I always included the cosmic concepts of time and time management as part of the training. I even taught them how to set up their appointments to synchronize themselves with the lunar cycle. Many reported back to me thru the years how helpful my training was and how it continues to help them even today. My time-skills expanded into other area’s of work, quite naturally and effortlessly………of course I was practicing everything that I preached, otherwise, what’s the point?

So, please feel free to float around this blog and discover all sorts of time tips, techniques, and tidbit’s of information. In this post the discussion continues.


4 thoughts on “The yin & yang of time management……………….

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  2. Hi,
    I am shooting a short film that is thematically centered around the nature of time and change. I would really like to use the lunar cycle print, that you have here, in my film. Could you please refer me to where I can find or purchase it? My email is

    Thanks so much,

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