Love and The Cancer Moon

I know that today is Mother’s Day………….however, I’d like to take this opportunity to honor my Grandmother, a woman I never knew. grandmom.jpgIt was hard to not have a Grandmom. Everyone else had one….or two. I had none. It didn’t feel so bad when I was young. My mother did everything she could to raise me feeling loved and cherished. But, as I grew older, and especially now that I have become a Grandmother, I am realizing that there is a different kind of bond that happens with the older generation. It’s a natural response to rebel against parents…..after all they are the epitome of the Authority Figure in our lives. However, that same rebellion is what creates such a wonderful relationship with the Grands……………….if you’re lucky enough to have one or two.

And so, to all the Mothers & GrandMothers of the world…………….Carpe Dieum! We wouldn’t be here at all if not for you.


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