Introducing Astro-mapping & Feng Shui………wow, what a concept!


Let’s start by looking at this map of the USA. It’s set for approximatly 6pm, EST, 3/18/07.

solar map usa

The ‘vertical’ lines on the map represent where the orbits of each of the planets are crossing the earth, thereby establishing differing lines of energy.

The horizonal lines that I’ve chosen to display, are called parans and represent the places where the planetary lines cross (somewhere on the planet) a measurement is taken, and then that line of energy is established as well.


So, the theory here is that different places on earth, have different energy patterns at different times. If we know our natal horoscopes we can convert that information to this mapping technique and discover where on earth we could thrive and live our lives more _______________. (fill in the blank).


Feng Shui comes into play, when we scale down these personal maps and place them inside our homes. Then we can see these lines of energy in our living rooms and place our furniture accordingly.


Yup……’s a stretch.


Time to practice yoga.


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