Let’s practice…….linking

I use the word practice a lot when teaching. It’s important to realize that what we do in a yoga class is not necessarily to acheive some kind of goal or achievement……even though it certainly would be quite pleasing to get this body into the particular asana of the moment. We are practicing yoga…or union.

That being said let’s practice putting links into this blog. Go here for a definition of the word practice.

Yippee. Success. Time to take a breath and practice linking once again.

My practice of yoga began early in 1976 when I attended a yoga class taught by a teacher from the Sivananda lineage…..a very classical, traditional path. My teaching method today is primarily from the Kripalu tradition. Go here for a photo of Swami Kripalu. If you’re interested in learning more about Kripalu yoga find a local teacher, or go here.

Feet on the Ground

I’ve taken a lot of other kinds of yoga classes in my nearly-4- decades of practice. A little known fact is that yoga was never meant to be taught in a class situation. In ancient times you worked privately with a teacher. Keeping with that ancient tradition I have also pursued some instruction on working with individuals in a therapeutic way. I did a second teacher training here in 2000 and am soooo grateful for the training. Today, working with individuals (as opposed to a class situation) is a very large part of my work. Yoga Therapy is becoming recognized among a growing group of Western medical people which is both good news and bad. Go here to find a Yoga Therapist in your area.

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