Writing Rituals….

I used to think I was the only one. Not having any other writers in the family or among my friends I just simply watched myself go thru this (endless) stream of activity so that I could sit down and write.

The space had to be cleared. The right pen had to be found. That only took 2 seconds to type but might take up a whole day if I get _________ (fill in the blank…..ie. obsessive?) about it. Then the paper. What am I writing? A journal entry, a book, a letter, an article? Those thoughts can distract me for another (endless) amount of time depending on how much priority I give to thinking thoughts like these. You can see where I’m going, yes?

It’s been decades and decades now of all kinds of writing. I’ve watched my mind sharpen and focus when needed due to decades of meditation and yoga practices. On the other side of my brain, I’ve watched my intuitive mind light up with a new inspiration that can interrupt anything and everything……if I let it.

and, still the rituals continue.

It’s time to return to my memoir now. This whole post was a distraction….


Dual Level Patterns – twice the fun?

My love affair with geometric drawing continues with this recent rendition of a jaali screen with ‘tabla’ (drum) design found in Akbar’s Tomb, Northern India. Drawing out dual-level patterns is another level of complexity that can be frustrating and satisfying at the same time.  Over time it’s easy to train the eye to see different…

Dual Level Patterns – twice the fun? was originally published on Yoga Therapy & Astrology

Yin, Yang Yod!

I’ve got two yods in my natal chart. It was a daunting task to really understand the complexity of this planetary picture. I understood the words, ideas, and possibilities on an intellectual level, but it took decades to understand it experientially and how it showed up in behaviors, attitudes, perspectives, and my ultimate understanding of how things are.

Transiting Chiron is setting off both yods. I think I know how this will be……and that’s arrogance and ego typing. Seriously, I haven’t a clue. I do know that Chiron has been a significant actor in my life. The last time he was in Aries was 1972-1973. I’m glad to be able to nail down dates/times so easily. I need to go and meditate on those years now and see what I notice.

Om Shanti…..

….and a good time was had by all

Our one-day retreat during the Summer Solstice at the Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton, NJ was a wonderful way to be together with my sangha after such a long, stressful separation.

We found a wonderful nearly-private space under a grove of Apple Trees and reconnected to nature, to those we know and love, and to strangers passing by.   We sat on the ground, picked at the grass, rolled around and rested in corpse pose. We practiced our co-listening skills by breaking into small groups and answering some thought provoking questions.   We sat in one big circle for breathing practices and meditation.   And then, we broke up for awhile and explored the grounds in what ever way we felt inspired to do so.  Some took pictures, drew sketchs, wrote in a journal.  Others used their time diffently.  All was perfect.

By the end of the day it was hard to say goodbye.  The connections we make with our spiritual tribes are deep, comforting, and nurturing to the human body/mind/spirit.  It’s just the way it is.

I’m looking forward to facilitating more events that help us move thru these unprecedented times.

We are in a process.  That process continues.  Breathe.

Remember the practices for the Brahma Vihari’s    “…the only emotions worth having”.

Om shanti.


What brought you here? Rebirth: Kang Muxiang


As I was putting our curriculum together I was eager to find this sculpture.  Over the course of the day  as I wandered around I looked for it, with no success.   However, after we completed our final OM and said our goodbyes, and I dizzily headed towards my car  I saw it….re birth….and the others by the same artist….all in group, yet alone, too.    It was a perfect day.



….and a good time was had by all was originally published on Yoga Therapy & Astrology



During the winter months I took a writing class with Ann Randolph and the prompt was

Think about a time that you were wild and green in the ways of the world…the whole world was before you, green a newness, a novice, sense of adventure, anything was possible…a curiousity, maybe stumbling and fumbling during this time too…excitement, anticipation, or maybe the wild and green in the ways of the world got you into trouble….if you think about the phrase Wild & green in the ways of the world…is there an openness & Curiosity to that now…and if so, what does the picture look like? we just to a future moment of being wild and green  in the ways of the world…what would it look like for you, in this case green= learning something new that brings you joy, delights you, brings you adventure? 

A month or so after that I participated in an online watercolor class where we would learn how to paint The Green Man using various techniques involving crackle paste, ink, and other stuff.  Purist that I am, I prefer to limit myself to one medium.  Choosing colors is complicated enough.  The Green Man is part of Celtic lore and gets Spring up and running. 

Green is the color that aligns best with the Heart (4th) Chakra. Anahat in Sanskrit. Within the heart space are the Four Immeasurables (also know as: heavenly or divine abodes, divine abidings, or the four Brahma Vihari’s.



Sympathetic Joy,

Loving Kindness (Metta)

The philosophy and practices that focus on these four *states of being* have attracted millions of *followers* who *like* it a lot, to use a modern-day cliche. the instructions are simple. stabilize your mine through: mindfuness, or calm abiding, or meditation. Then bring each immeasurable to mind, first to yourself, always, and then over time extending out toward all sentient beings.

Many have said that these four are the only emotions worth having.

June 21 is the Summer Solstice and I guess I’ll have to find a different face to paint? For the solstice I will be facilitating a one day retreat at the Grounds for Sculpture. I can’t think of a better place to connect with nature, art, silence, space, and the heavenly abodes. Namaste.

Green was originally published on Yoga Therapy & Astrology