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Yup.  It’s true.  I’ve moved this whole blog to a different web address.  I hope you follow me there, too.  Not sure if everything is working exactly as it should and for that reason I’ll be posting here too for a bit.

It’s still a bit daunting all the time it takes to be ‘online’….   not convinced it really matters at all in the larger scheme of things.  But, Uranus is stationing on some sensitive places in my 10th house, so what else can I do to make the best use of that energy?

Oh well.  Go check out today’s post…..I had a great weekend.

Om shanti.


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Changes Coming.

Stay Tuned.


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Mars Stationary ……

Confucius says,

” It does not matter how slowly you go,  So long as you do not stop.”

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…calling all storytellers


This Sunday I am hoping to participate once again at the monthly Circle Of Stories.  It’s open to anyone and if you want the time/place details let me know.

StoryTelling is a new art/hobby/practice for me and I’ve enjoyed watching the process that I put myself through to get from inspiration to presentation.  It’s usually exhausting and exhilarating both at the same time. I wonder why am I doing this.  It’s stressful, yet fulfilling too.  What keeps me coming back is the creative challenge to be authentic, entertaining, and deliver a message in three short minutes.

I’ve learned that it really is best to prepare.  Write things down.  Stand in front of a mirror. Practice enunciation.  All that kind of stuff.

My plan today for this Sunday is to continue the story that began with the ill-fated cruise in the Caribbean.  The ship broke down under a full moon sky and we remained motionless in the hot, humid Atlantic air for more than 12 hours.  What happened after that was amazing!

But, you’ll have to come on Sunday to find out!

I appreciate the oral tradition of storytelling. So much more gets communicated than just words alone, especially if such words are simply fonts on a screen.  Old fashioned cursive writing on your  paper of choice adds minimal, non-verbal detail to our words.  But,  the wisdom and knowledge that gets communicated through the sound of the voice reigns supreme for not just understanding and wisdom, but also for entertainment and healing.

Thinking about bringing my harp but undecided yet.





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more on the Cardinal Cross




I came across this old post and thought you should re-read it now that the Cardinal Cross is here.

Waking up to ice on my windshield on April 15 is a stunning reminder that things are indeed changing.

…more later

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