Re-Arranging Your Roots…

It's February and my focus switches to Feng Shui and the powerhouse that it is when used with higher purpose(s) Unplugging from the umbilical cable cord has opened up new possibilities for the room in my home that best represents the gua of: ancestry, lineage, family roots, and the structures that house them, including where … Continue reading Re-Arranging Your Roots…



Way back, when I was spending days upon days researching/practicing feng shui as my primary source for guidance, I did a 'deep dive' on the effects of technology on our bodies. The feng shui principal, "tangled wires = tangled communications" was the concept. Before wireless became a thing. I began at once to untangle the … Continue reading TANGLED WIRES

Who’s Who?

They've been in the news alot lately, getting analyzed every which way.  So, I got curious myself and gathered together their birth info to create this Who's who on the Supreme Court in Dec.2022. Can you guess which chart belongs to which justice? (All charts calculated for SUN on the horizon) There's so much data/information … Continue reading Who’s Who?


I found this passage recently...  it's part of the conversation between Krishna & Arjuna.  Gazillions of words have been spoken and written and debated and turned into graphic novels to re-tell the story of the Bhagavad Gita. The Matsya Vedh  (Piercing-Fish Eye) competition is one of a few different archery competitions that Arjuna had engaged in … Continue reading War?


Look at a transit chart. Wherever you are on the planet, no matter what time zone. Nearly the entire solar system is retrograde, and on September 9th Mercury joins the pack. The universe is designed to give us second chances. ...if we have the eyes to see. Otherwise it certainly can feel like we're spinning … Continue reading RETROGRADE!